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The Panama Cruising Guide

by Art on

As with all the other books in our reviews, we actually use these guides to help us in our passage planning. Panama is a location we will arrive at in early 2015 for some exploration in the San Blas islands followed by a transit of the Panama Canal on our way to the Galapagos and onward to the Pacific. We're on our world circumnavigation and look forward to studying this guidebook in detail as we get closer to our arrival in Panama.

Written by Eric Bauhaus

The Panama Cruising GuideHere is, at long last, a comprehensive and updated cruising guide for both the Panama Canal and the increasingly popular cruising destinations of San Blas and Las Perlas. The book also covers Panama’s coastlines, navigable rivers, coves, anchorages, lagoons and coral heads on both the Caribbean and Pacific side of the isthmus.

The Panama Cruising Guide is by far the best cruising guide ever written on Panama and includes 280 full-color pages with aerial and satellite photography of all popular anchorages, as well as color chartlets with a latitude and longitude grid.

The author is eminently qualified to produce this well researched book as he is a locally based professional skipper who has some 50 canal transits to his credit and has cruised Panamanian waters 6 years.

Tried and tested GPS waypoints, aerial photos, piloting instructions, mileage charts and illustrative photography showing the spectacular beauty of this cruising ground will let you sail with the sense of a déjà vú.

Other features of this easy to use book include: land transportation, local etiquette, fishing, provisioning, Kuna language dictionary, etc… In short, everything the cruising sailor needs to feel safe and totally informed.

This is the book to have if you’re heading for Panama.

Published by Sailor Net first in 1999, this is the 3rd edition published in 2007 and has 560 pages in softcover format. The ISBN is 9962-00-130-7 and our rating for this book is ☆☆☆☆☆

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