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The Smell of Diesel in the Morning (29-Mar-15)


Panama to Galapagos 2015 (22-Mar-15)

Tick Tock goes the Canal Clock (17-Mar-15)

Panama Canal Transit 2015 (16-Mar-15)

The Panama Canal by Sailing Yacht (15-Mar-15)

San Blas to Panama Canal 2015 (08-Mar-15)

Una Gita Alle San Blas! (07-Mar-15)

Anchorage at Cayo Holandes, San Blas (27-Feb-15)

Haggling for Dinner in San Blas (26-Feb-15)

Anchorage at Isla Porvenir, San Blas (23-Feb-15)

The Panama Cruising Guide (16-Jan-15)


Santa Marta to San Blas 2015 (20-Feb-15)

Netherlands Antilles

Bonaire to Santa Marta 2015 (16-Feb-15)

So, there I was in Bonaire (15-Feb-15)

Underwater Images from Bonaire (14-Feb-15)

Forget Aruba or Curacao, just do Bonaire (11-Feb-15)

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua to Curacao 2015 (06-Feb-15)

Anchorage at Nonsuch Bay, Antigua (01-Feb-15)

Sunsets and Other Delicacies (24-Jan-15)

Anchorage at Carisle Bay, Antigua (21-Jan-15)

Back to Normal (20-Jan-15)

Hotel Antigua (17-Jan-15)

Stillness (07-Jan-15)

Barbuda Dolphins (03-Apr-14)

Hand Helming for Enjoyment (09-Mar-14)

HR-54 Feelin' Good Atlantic Circuit 2012 (01-Jun-12)

Return to Europe 2012 (31-May-12)

Antigua to Azores 2012 (19-May-12)

Antigua Sailing Week 2012 (30-Apr-12)

Atlantic Circuit 2012 (26-Apr-12)

Whale Spotting in Antigua (15-Apr-12)

Carlisle Bay, Antigua to Charlestown, Nevis (30-Jan-12)

Nonsuch Bay, Antigua to to Carlisle Bay, Antigua (29-Jan-12)

Falmouth Harbour, Antigua to Nonsuch Bay, Antigua (28-Jan-12)

Cruising Guide to the Leeward Islands (04-Dec-11)


Cruising Guide to Venezuela and Bonaire (15-Jan-15)


S/Y Feelin' Good Lanzarote to Antigua 2014 (12-Jan-15)

Lanzarote to Cabo Verde 2014 (17-Dec-14)

Update on Art's condition (17-Dec-14)

S/Y Feelin' Good Palma to Lanzarote 2014 (15-Dec-14)

Slowly Slowly in 27 knots of Wind (06-Dec-14)

Palma de Mallorca to Lanzarote 2014 (03-Dec-14)

Reflections before Departure (28-Nov-14)

No Phones? No Problem! (26-Nov-14)

Grinding it out to the departure (22-Nov-14)

Preparations for Circumnavigation (22-Nov-14)

Re-Launch Palma de Mallorca 2014 (19-Nov-14)

Feelin' Good Atlantic Crossing 2013 (28-Dec-13)

Canaries to Caribbean 2013 (12-Dec-13)

New Beginnings (27-Nov-13)

Barcelona to Canaries 2013 (23-Nov-13)

Gran Canaria to Genoa 2013 (17-Sep-13)

Haul out and Antifouling (25-Jul-12)

Sailing HR-54 Feelin' Good for the last time (12-Jul-12)

Atlantic Rally for Cruisers ARC 2011 (15-Dec-11)

HR-54 Feelin' Good Atlantic Crossing 2011 (15-Dec-11)

HR-54 ARC-2011 Statistics (08-Dec-11)

Gran Canaria to St. Lucia ARC 2011 (06-Dec-11)

Crew Perspectives ARC 2011 (02-Dec-11)

HR Support for ARC 2011 (23-Nov-11)

Start Line ARC 2011 (20-Nov-11)

Provisioning for ARC 2011 (18-Nov-11)

One week countdown until ARC 2011 (13-Nov-11)

Our Friend 'Wilson' (03-Nov-11)

Sotogrande, Spain to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (02-Nov-11)

Passage Watch Scheduling (02-Nov-11)

Time Off in Sotogrande (29-Oct-11)

Cadiz, Spain to Sotogrande, Spain (31-Aug-11)

Ria del Arousa, Spain to Baiona, Spain (22-Aug-11)

Finisterre, Spain to Ria del Arousa, Spain (21-Aug-11)

La Coruna, Spain to Finisterre, Spain (20-Aug-11)

Santander, Spain to La Coruna, Spain (13-Aug-11)

Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) (18-Jun-11)

Cape Verde

Cabo Verde to Antigua 2014 (26-Dec-14)

Island Hopping the Passage Archipelago (25-Dec-14)


Stepping into Holes and Other Bits (11-Dec-14)

Marrakech, an unexpected surprise (26-May-08)


SWS Trophy 2014 Highlights (05-Sep-14)

S/Y Feelin' Good Southern Wind Cup 2014 (04-Sep-14)

Summer Sailing 2014 (01-Sep-14)

200 Liters for the Boat, 24 for the Pig (21-Aug-14)

Anchorage at Cala Perda Longa, Sardegna (10-Aug-14)

Anchorage at Capo Carbonara, Sardegna (08-Aug-14)

Anchorage at Punta dei Perciato, Isola Lipari, Sicilia (03-Aug-14)

Death to the Red Checkered Tablecloth (03-Aug-14)

Cocktails by Volcano Light (30-Jul-14)

A Sardinian fish tale (20-Jul-14)

What to do when 'Il Maestrale' visits (18-Jul-14)

Eating Sardegna (14-Jul-14)

A Very Different Sardinia (30-Jun-14)

Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta 2014 (25-Jun-14)

Genoa to Barcelona (16-Nov-13)

Loro Piana 2012 onboard 'Kiboko' (10-Jun-12)

Day Sailin' on Cape Arrow (11-Mar-12)

Saint Martin

Feelin' Good St. Maarten to Horta 2014 (20-Jun-14)

Sint Maarten to Azores 2014 (19-Apr-14)

The Long Season (15-Apr-14)

Sailing with Maya 2012 (19-Feb-12)

Ile Tintamarre, St. Martin to Gustavia, St. Barth (14-Jan-12)

Marigot, St. Martin to Ile Tintamarre, St. Martin (13-Jan-12)

Sunset Beach Bar (13-Jan-12)

Oyster 575 Charter (14-Mar-11)

Sticking the 'Hook' (18-Feb-11)

Marina Ft. Louis (12-Feb-11)

Caribbean Sailing (06-Feb-11)


Azores to Palma de Mallorca 2014 (03-May-14)

Azores to Spain 2012 (28-May-12)

Yellowbrick Tracking (11-Jan-12)

Cascais Portugal to Cadiz, Spain (29-Aug-11)

Leixoes, Portugal to Cascais Portugal (26-Aug-11)

Baiona, Spain to Leixoes, Portugal (23-Aug-11)

British Virgin Islands

Winter Season 2014 (10-Apr-14)

JAPDIP, a photo gallery (20-Mar-14)

Sailing with Cee and Murray 2012 (20-Apr-12)

Sailing with Dunai 2012 (01-Mar-12)

Cruising Guide to the Windward Islands (06-Dec-11)

BVI's back to St. Martin (10-Mar-11)

Scrub Island Spa Afternoon (05-Mar-11)

Wind, Wind, Wind! (01-Mar-11)

Grilled Caribbean Lobster (25-Feb-11)

Soft Dodger vs Hard Dodger (17-Feb-11)


Dominica, the 15nm difference (14-Feb-14)

Feels like home (09-Feb-14)


A Walk on the French Side... (31-Jan-14)

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Jack's Bar Bequia (26-Jan-14)

Ah Paradise... (19-Jan-14)


Tomatoes vs Lobsters (14-Jan-14)

Feelin' Good in Grenada (06-Jan-14)


Experience Using SAILOR 150 FBB (28-Nov-13)

ZYGrib for the Best Grib and Weather at Sea (25-Apr-13)

Email, weather and gribs at sea using Software (02-Apr-13)

Email, weather and gribs at sea using Satellite Terminals (20-Mar-13)

Email, weather and gribs at sea using a Satellite Phone (05-Mar-13)

Email, weather and gribs at sea using 3G/4G (22-Feb-13)

Email, weather and gribs at sea using WiFi (15-Feb-13)

Saint Helena

St. Helena to Gran Canaria 2013 (29-Aug-13)

South Africa

Cape Town to St. Helena 2013 (16-Aug-13)

United Kingdom of Great Britain

Skipper's Medical Emergency Handbook (20-Feb-13)

Offshore Medical Emergencies (01-Feb-13)

The Ashley Book of Knots (10-Dec-11)

A Passion for the Sea (09-Nov-11)

Hamble, UK to Camaret, France (01-Aug-11)

Long Range Certificate (LRC) (21-May-11)

Flying in European Airspace (21-May-08)

A day in Scotland (20-May-08)

Saint Lucia

Illusions of Safety ARC 2011 (20-Apr-12)

St. Lucia, BWI to St. Martin, FWI (12-Dec-11)

Finish Line ARC 2011 (07-Dec-11)

Life on board ARC 2011 (01-Dec-11)

Saint Barthelemy

Gustavia, St. Barths to Marigot, St. Martin (06-Feb-12)

Oranjestad, Statia to Gustavia, St. Barths (02-Feb-12)

Gustavia, St. Barths to Basseterre, St. Kitts (16-Jan-12)

Valentine's in St. Bartholemy (14-Feb-11)

Saint Kitts and Nevis

HR-54 Feelin' Good Nevis to Statia (05-Feb-12)

Charlestown, Nevis to Orangestad, Statia (01-Feb-12)

Charlestown, Nevis to Falmouth Harbor, Antigua (23-Jan-12)

Basseterre, St. Kitts to Charlestown, Nevis (21-Jan-12)


HR-54 Feelin' Good Maiden Voyage (15-Sep-11)

HR-54 Delivery Statistics (01-Sep-11)

Ellos, Sweden to Saeby, Denmark (16-Jul-11)

HR-54 Delivery & Maiden Voyage (14-Jul-11)

Local sailing around Ellos and Salvik, Sweden (09-Jul-11)

Back at the Helm (03-Mar-11)


Ile de Re, France to Santander, Spain (10-Aug-11)

Ile de Houat, France to Ile de Re, France (05-Aug-11)

Camaret, France to Ile de Houat, France (03-Aug-11)

Fuel is your best friend (25-May-08)

Paris Art Museums (24-May-08)

Springtime in Paris (23-May-08)


Dan Helder, Netherlands to Hamble, UK (27-Jul-11)


Cuxhaven, Germany to Dan Helder, Netherlands (22-Jul-11)

Holtenau, Germany to Cuxhaven, Germany (20-Jul-11)


Samso Anchorage, Denmark to Holtenau, Germany (19-Jul-11)

Saeby, Denmark to Samso Island, Denmark (18-Jul-11)

United States of America

Flight Around the World 2008 (01-Sep-08)

Round the World in 71 Days (01-Aug-08)

Food from around the world! (31-Jul-08)

Taking the long way home (26-Jul-08)

Family and friends in Seattle (20-Jul-08)

The Big Mac Moment (18-Jul-08)

The Detour (13-May-08)

All our bags are packed, we're ready to go (12-May-08)

T-1 week and counting... (06-May-08)

Jeppesen charts arrive (26-Apr-08)

Planning meeting for the Big Flight! (20-Apr-08)

Preparation is becoming intense! (12-Apr-08)

On packing, for the ladies (10-Apr-08)

Russian Federation

From Russia without love... (16-Jul-08)


Flaps? We don't need no stinking flaps (14-Jul-08)

Taiwan, Island of Formosa (11-Jul-08)

Hong Kong

Hong Kong - Bruce Lee and Good Eats! (05-Jul-08)


Jungle wrapped islands and Asian fusion food (03-Jul-08)

Saigon, now known as 'Ho Chi Minh City' (01-Jul-08)


Computers and Technology on the Journey (29-Jun-08)

SE Asian Anomaly (28-Jun-08)

Nomadic people of Tonle Sap Lake (26-Jun-08)

Ancient Temples of Cambodia (25-Jun-08)


Phuket, the Caribbean on steroids (23-Jun-08)

James Bond Three Arrival into Phuket (21-Jun-08)

Tropical Chiang Mai and Elephants! (20-Jun-08)


Travels in India (17-Jun-08)


Flying in the Middle East (13-Jun-08)

Sultanate of Oman (12-Jun-08)

United Arab Emirates

Dubai, a most modern city (10-Jun-08)


Luxor's ancient temples and royals tombs (08-Jun-08)

Sharm el Sheikh on the Red Sea (07-Jun-08)


Istanbul, incredible! (03-Jun-08)


Flying is different than in the USA (01-Jun-08)

Santorini, the respite (30-May-08)


Republic of Malta (28-May-08)


Reykjavik and the Icelandic Horses (19-May-08)

Reykjavik Air Traffic Control (18-May-08)

North Atlantic - Greenland to Iceland (17-May-08)


North Atlantic - Goose to Greenland (16-May-08)


Onto the Great White North (15-May-08)

Lovely Quebec and our launching off point (14-May-08)