Tonga Underwater 2015

by Art on

We had some exceptional diving during our time in the Kingdom of Tonga. Most all of it was in the Ha'apai Archipelago but we also experienced some beautiful areas in Nomuka as well. We observed spectacular hard coral in the channels between islands as well as on the ocean-side of the atolls. Diving in shallow, calm waters yielded very little as there were large areas of dead coral as in many locations of the world. However, we were very encouraged by the large areas of pristine coral and fish-life we found and hope to come back here one day to visit our favorite dive sites again.

Be prepared to deal with current as you dive some of these passes and be sure to review the tide tables to plan your dives at slack tide. We had a non-diving person stay in the tender to look for us surfacing with a large orange buoy at the end of the drift dive. That's not to say all diving was in current but be sure to plan for it just in case.

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  • comment from Roland Roland on December 10, 2015

    Looks Like really good diving. Thanks for sharing the fantastic pictures.