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2016 Total Statistics

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299.05 hrs
72.12 hrs
371.17 hrs
2904.55 nm
7.83 kts

This map shows the all the passages taken during 2016. In January we were in New Zealand doing our off-season maintenance during the Pacific cyclone season (in the southern hemisphere it runs from November 1 to May 1). By the end of May we were departing from the Bay of Islands for Fiji. After spending over four months in Fiji, we headed across to Vanuatu for a couple of weeks, then New Caledonia for a few weeks before arriving in Brisbane to wait out the next cyclone season. We had one of our best seasons ever!

Statistics gathered from passages sailed between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016

Passages Tracks

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    Thank you! Christian Imberti