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Ellos, Sweden to Saeby, Denmark

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We finally begin our journey south to the Mediterranean. Our first passage is from Ellos, at the Hallberg-Rassy shipyard in Sweden, over to Saeby, Denmark where had to hold up a few days to wait out a gale. At this time of the year the sun stays up until midnight then goes dusky for a while and rises at 03:00 or so in the morning. A little hard to get your system ready to sleep when it's still daylight out but we adapted after a while.

We had a bad experience at rafting up with some incompetent sailors from Norway who came in during the gale and bounced around the marina crashing into 2-3 other yachts before deciding they wanted to raft to us. Despite our refusal they forced their way onboard with the help of a group of other Norwegians. Wearing their street shoes on my brand-new teak deck without a thought, they just came onto our yacht and ignored our request to leave. Extremely rude and incompetent people that, unfortunately, have set a stereotype of all Norwegians to me. Not one of my favorite spots on the trip but a really nice crossing over the Baltic Sea regardless.

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