Flight Around the World 2008

by Art on

These photos were taken on a flying circumnavigation of the world in 2008. We left from the USA in May and returned three months later newly awakened to how many wonderful places and people there out there. It culminated twenty years of flying for Art and eight years of flying for Tracy. Although well traveled before this trip on separate circumnavigations of both South Amerinca in 2006 and Central America in 2007, this adventure was the pivotal moment for us in deciding to move abroad the following year in 2009.

We also 'hung up our wings' after this circumnavigation and started traveling extensively to see more of Europe. It wasn't too long before another type of adventure called to us, sailing. We hope to find time to go back and dig out photos and articles we wrote about more of our 'flying days' but in the meantime, enjoy viewing the world with us!

You can read about our preparation and flights starting with On Packing for the Ladies and ending with Round the World in 71 Days.

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