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Rules of the Road

by Art on

One of the hardest parts of sailing for me is to learn all the regulations on who has the right of way in one situation versus another. Likewise, being able to identify what kind of boat is out there are night strictly by its lights escapes me too. This book is going a long way toward helping me overcome these problems. The text and images are clear and I'm actually having a good time learning with this book. Definitely worthwhile to read and keep on-board as a reference tool.

Written by Paul Boissier

Rules of the Road Expert information for yachtsmen and professional mariners. This is the ideal book to improve your understanding of the nautical rule of the road whether you need to pass an exam or require an on-board reference.

Learning, understanding and remembering the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS) is essential for anyone venturing onto the water.

This comprehensive guide explains the intention of each rule and how it should be applied when on the water. It is the perfect companion when studying for any nautical exam and contains the COLREGs in full.

Step-by-step guides allow a clear understanding of the COLREGs and there are plenty of tips on how to remember the various rules.

Test sections allow readers to check their comprehension and act as perfect aids to revision. There is also a free online Rules of the Road test that is an additional learning tool and a great way to evaluate your progress.

Anecdotes and explanations help clarify the rules and make this the most readable book on the topic.

Published by Wiley Nautical first in 2010, this is the 1st edition published in 2010 and has 168 pages in softcover format. The ISBN is 978-1898660750 and our rating for this book is ☆☆☆☆☆

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