Anchorage at Banta Island, Indonesia

by Art on


26.0 meters

After 10 days in Komodo National Park our permit ran out and we moved onto a new location just outside the park boundaries, Banta Island. Using Google Earth to preview the anchorage (using the routine described in this article) we found a nice location. The location is quite steep right up close to the reef so we had to anchor a bit deeper that normal but it's in sand so no worries.

The snorkeling is great and everyone loved being able to climb the local hills and paddle-board all around the bay. I guess we chose a nice location as another live-aboard dive boat came to anchor here too. A couple of days to enjoy this fantastic place then tomorrow we being the final passage to Bali. It'll be exciting to get to 'the-big-city' but we'll miss our remote and lovely anchorages and seeing all the beauty that's underwater here in Indonesia.

Anchorage Position

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  • comment from Cally Duncan Cally Duncan on March 1, 2019

    Thanks for sharing - we will be looking at your anchoring routine as well!