Anchorage Near Gililawadarat Pass, Komodo, Indonesia

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26 meters

In the pass between islands dive boat come drop off divers to shoot through the pass flying like superman. For us, the shoreline leading up the pass is the sweet spot for snorkeling and diving. It's a perfect location for easy diving with the top of the reef 1-2 meter underwater sloping off to a sandy bottom at 17 meters. The coral is in excellent condition and there are clouds of fish everywhere. We've spotted turtles, giant cuttlefish, lionfish and giant manta rays (3-4 meters across!). Unlike the pass, there is no current here and the visibility is easily 35 meters.

There is a mooring ball close to the pass however its location doesn't give us enough swing room to the reef so we dropped anchor out in 22 meters of sand (you can see the bottom standing on deck!).

This is perhaps one of the most ideal sites we've been to in Indonesia as it has everything you'd like. Fantastic snorkeling and diving, adventure diving in the pass if you're up for it, good hiking onshore and a solid 5 bars of 3g signal for decent internet. We'll hang out here for a few more days to enjoy all the activities before moving onto another site.

Captain Andrea found a Broadclub Cuttlefish to be friends with but the cuttlefish wasn't in the mood and tried to pretend he was just part of the reef. See if you can find him in this photo!

Andrea with Cuttlefish

Anchorage Position

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