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Anchorage at Baie de Kuto, New Caledonia

by Art on


7.3 meters

About 60nm south of Noumea lies the Isle des Pins. It's outside the South Lagoon so you have to cross a bit of ocean to get here but we picked a very nice day to cruise across without any wind and no swell to speak of.

Our anchorage is in the middle of Kuto Bay in about 7-8 meters of water with a nice sand bottom. There's room here for lots of boats and the bay is very well protected from everything but west and southwest winds. We'll spend a week in this area doing our usual thing (snorkeling, diving, treks, paddle boarding, etc.) before heading back to Noumea to prepare for our departure to Vanuatu.

In the meantime, this is a very special part of the world and we are loving New Caledonia!

Anchorage Position

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