Anchorage at Ilot Kouare, New Caledonia

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17 meters

We are about 40nm south of Noumea in the South Lagoon of New Caledonia. Kouarea Island is a small piece of land surrounded by amazing coral reefs in all directions and we've worked our way down here this week as my son, Eric, visits us. It's a little tricky getting in here with a boat of our draft but Andrea's done a great job and we have had a nice anchorage on a sandy bottom in about 17 meters of water. Boats with less draft could get much closer in of course.

Unlike some of the other islands we've visited this one has a small dinghy pass through the coral and we've been able to get to shore at both high and low tide easily. Yesterday we had a really nice BBQ on the beach enjoying fresh octopus along with the sausages from Australia. Tea made her 'poisson cru' from local coconuts and tuna we had from the Noumea fish market. On this island there are a group of about seven sea ospreys who were happy to see us and flew around overhead most of the afternoon checking us out.

Eric, Tracy and Andrea have been diving every day but I've had to sit it out as I have some kind of sinus issue that prevents me from participating. The guys have also been free diving around the reefs looking to spear some fresh fish and have reported the local shark population is healthy too!

Anchorage Position

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