Anchorage at Karipaka Bay, Waiheke Island

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10 meters

After waiting out three days of stormy weather on the south side of Waiheke Island we motored around the corner to this lovely anchorage close to the Man of War Winery. Of course we had to do a wine tasting and brought some more wine back to the boat! The holding here is excellent in contrast to the Man of War Bay which we tried six times to set the anchor before giving up and coming over here. Perhaps closer in the holding is OK but we noticed no yacht has been able to successfully anchor further out. Must be a rock slab or something on the bottom.

Anyway, this is a nicer anchorage and still close enough for a tender ride to the winery (which sits just off the beach). Speaking of the beach, it's a great place to go for a swim as it's shallow for quite a ways out and there's not much in the way of waves (at least when the wind is from the west-southwest as it is today). When the wind shifts more to the south we'll move to the north side of the island to continue our exploration of this fabulous part of the world.

Anchorage Position

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