Anchorage at Motu Vaiorea, Huahini Ita

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8 meters

OK, I know I've said this before but... it keeps getting better. Each place we come to seems better than the last place. And so it goes for here. The sister islands of Huahini Hui and Huahini Ita are a sailors delight. Everything you've dreamed of is here.

Our anchorage is in crystal clear water 8 meters deep with the pounding surf on the outer reef just two hundred meters away. On the other side of us is a lush tropical jungle with white sand beaches and water so inviting to snorkel and dive in that you can stay the boat very long. The water temperature is 29.4c (85f) and, did I mention, it is crystal clear? The local people on the islands are so kind and nice to us. They came out to sell us some very fresh vanilla beans and gave us a number of young coconuts and some fresh banana too.

Snorkel Heaven!

There are also some nice hikes on the islands to take you to vistas that look out over the anchorage are and the contrast in colors from aquamarine to deep blue are amazing.

Anyway, don't miss this place. It's the best so far and pure magic!!!

Anchorage Position

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