Anchorage at Rangiroa, Tuamotu

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14 meters

Another spectacular place to anchor just inside the pass. We didn't know how lucky we were when we arrived at 06:00 and found the pass quiet with a 1.4 kt current. A few hours later it was standing waves 2 meters high with the incoming swell battling against the outgoing current as this massive lagoon tried to empty itself. The tide tables can not predict when the tides will be with any certainty as there at too many points on this atoll where water 'leaks' out and in. Even the local dive operators can't tell you if you can dive until a few hours before as everything is so unpredictable.

Once you are inside, it's wonderful. Calm, flat and a nice breeze. The 'town' has a small supermarket and a few restaurants. There is a nice hotel there, Hotel Kia Ora, where the locals put on a nice BBQ and dance show on Sundays. There are also some pearl farms where you can have a tour and purchase some pearls at a much more reasonable price that over in Papeete, Tahiti.

The anchorage proved to be really nice for the 4-5 days we stayed there and the diving and snorkeling in the area of the pass was wonderful and full of fish. We also took a nice 'fast-boat' trip to the other end of the lagoon to spend the day at The Blue Lagoon, easily the most beautiful place we have ever been. The experience swimming with 40-50 sharks was exciting as well and Tracy wrote a great article about it, In Rangiroa there are lots of Sharks.

Anchorage Position

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