Anchorage at Uonukuhihofo, Ha'apai, Tonga

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15 meters

If this isn’t where Robinson Crusoe was marooned then it should have been. This is the most perfect location for ‘getting away from everything’ that we’ve found on our entire circumnavigation so far. There are actually three islands connected by sand bridges but each small island is full of jungle, the beaches full of shells, the reef unspoiled and full of fish. We arrived here this morning and immediately went for a wonderful dive in 5-9 meters of clear water (temperature was 25C) while Carmen elected to explore one of the islands on foot. For us divers there was no current, no surge just fantastic 35m+ visibility. There are dozens of diving and snorkeling locations around to check out and we may spend a few days here enjoying the pure remoteness which we have all to ourselves before pushing on to Nomuku.

We need to arrive at the end of this month in the capital of Nuku'alofa, Tongatapu to prepare for our passage to New Zealand. For some reason, other yachts seem to pass this place by (perhaps the lack of a 3g phone signal?). Regardless, we know that soon enough we will back to ‘civilization’ in New Zealand and not lack for anything so, for now, it’s absolutely wonderful to be alone out here and surrounded by the most beautiful scenery imaginable.

Robinson Crusoe beach I hesitate to note the coordinates for this location as I don’t want it to be too well known however the readership of our website is small enough that I can trust you (right?? promise???) not to divulge this magical spot, just visit it yourself someday and send me an email. Believe me, it’s a location that will stick in your mind and be brought up from time to time by your subconscious when you are having a bad day at work or something. I know it will be forever imprinted in my mind! We are anchored between the ‘Uonukuhihofo Island’ and ‘Unonukuhahaki Island’ (just try to find them on Google Earth!).

We are in 15m of water with much shallower locations available to fit any-sized yacht. The holding is in sand (be sure to watch out for the coral heads popping up everywhere though) and is fully protected from swell while winds are coming from the north-east to south. The usual spectacular Tongan sunsets are available off the stern every night at cocktails hour as well (an additional bonus for those who enjoy libations at the end of the day).

Tonight is ‘pizza-night’ on-board and Carmen with sous-chef Giamma are making all sorts of interesting pizzas tonight for us to eat. We’ll be sitting in the cockpit enjoying the sunset and Napolitano pizzas with nice wine from New Zealand. It just doesn’t get any better than this folks. I dare say we have the best pizza in Tonga tonight!

So far, the Ha’apai Group, in the center of the Tonga archipelago of islands, has the most spectacular anchorages and dive sites we’ve visited so far on our circumnavigation. It’s too bad our first number of weeks in Tonga where consumed with surviving constant rain, clouds and squalls and we didn’t to branch out too far. Perhaps this is why we are so tickled with being here now. We feel, we’ve ‘paid our dues’ and deserve to see the true Tonga we all dreamed of.

It’s here… put it on your ‘bucket-list’ and even though I’ve been here, it’s on my ‘permanent bucket-list’… I have to come back. I will come back, I must come back…

Anchorage Position

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