Boat Cuisine

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Eating good food on-board is essensial to keep family and friends happy. There's nothing so good as eating a meal on the yacht however conditions can make it much more difficult to do well. Techniques that you use on shore sometime do not work well at sea. This books covers cooking at sea in various wind conditions and is a nice way to organize recipes. There's a number of them I'll be trying on my next passage.

Written by June Raper

Boat Cuisine June Raper has been at sea long enough to be suspicious of recipes describing "how to make jam at sea" or "take four pints of water and a lobster". The recipes in this book are practical - she has tried them all out on her boat, and guarantees they will work. Further, each is indexed by wind strength so you can serve something tasty, nutritious - and easy - in a blow, or make something more elaborate on a calm day.

June Raper and her family have cruised extensively from the Baltic to the eastern Mediterranean in sailing and motor boats of all descriptions, and residence in many countries has given her direct experience of a wide variety of cuisines. In these pages she draws the two together to provide an enticing, practical guide to cooking afloat.

First published as The Beaufort Scale Cookbook, this new edition has been revised and updated, and contains several new recipes devised during the author's recent six - year cruise.

Published by Fernhurst Books, the ISBN is 1-898660-02-6 and our rating for this book is

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