Cruising Guide to the Virgin Islands

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Part of a group of guides to all parts of the Caribbean. This one covers all the Virgin islands and is a wonderful companion to their Virgin Anchorages guidebook.

Written by Nancy and Simon Scott

Cruising Guide to the Virgin Islands Completely re-designed and updated style, with more Virgin Island photography and full color detailed anchorage charts, these guides have been indispensable companions for sailors and visitors to these islands since 1982. Includes a free newly designed 17 x 27 color planning chart, with aerial photos of some of the anchorages. Covers the Virgin Islands including all the U.S. and British Virgin Islands!

  • Anchoring and mooring information and fees
  • Customs, immigration and National Parks regulations
  • Particulars on marina facilities and the amenities they offer
  • Water sports - where to go and where to rent equipment
  • Shore-side facilities, restaurants, beach bars, shops, provisions, Internet connections
  • Directory of goods and services after every island section

Everything you will need to help make your vacation an enjoyable and memorable experience in a concise easy-to-use format.

Published by Cruising Guide Publications, the ISBN is 978-0944428917 and our rating for this book is

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