Cruising Guide to Venezuela and Bonaire

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Never thought I'd need this cruising guide but, as part of our world circumnavigation, we'll be stopping in Los Roques which is an island archipelago off the north coast of Venezuela. We have several friends who've been there and claim it has the best diving, snorkeling, kite surfing and bone fishing of anywhere in the entire Caribbean. A big claim we are off to prove personally! Look for a post on our adventures there.

Written by Chris Doyle

Cruising Guide to Venezuela and Bonaire Since 1994 Doyle's Cruising Guide to Venezuela and Bonaire has set the standard for this area. This edition has been completely updated. It is the best selling guide to the area for the following reasons:

Excellent anchorage charts that are based on the authors’ surveys and are very clear and detailed. The government charts of Venezuela are not especially accurate or detailed so for many harbors the charts in this guides are either the most accurate charts, or the only charts available.

Aerial photos are included for most anchorages. Like all Doyle’s guides, it is beautifully printed in full color on glossy paper with lots of scenic photography.

The navigational information is clear and concise, with GPS waypoints. Doyle's guides are unsurpassed for their onshore information, and this book is no exception, with excellent sections on exploring, eating out, provisioning and services.

Published by Cruising Guide Publications, the ISBN is 0-944428-78-9 and our rating for this book is

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