Sailing an Atlantic Circuit

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The best one yet on all aspects of an Atlantic circuit. Picked this up while in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria waiting to leave on the ARC. It's an excellent reference for not just the circuit but weather, customs in the Caribbean, safety and security at anchorage, etc. A very well-crafted book.

Note: Enjoy reading our article about completing our Atlantic Circuit 2012 with our passage from Antigua to the Azores 2012 and then from the Azores to Spain 2012.

Written by Alastair Buchan

Sailing an Atlantic Circuit It is every sailor's goal to cross the Atlantic - but to complete an entire Atlantic circuit by sailing the tradewind circular route, with the highlight of a Carribbean cruise on the way, is the stuff that dreams are made of. This book is intended for sailors planning to join the Atlantic loop at any stage of the circuit. It is an informative user-friendly guide that will provide the the reader with all the facts, first-hand advice and useful data they need to give their dreams substance.

Topics covered include:

  • modifying a standard cruiser to make the trip
  • taking on crew - known and unknown
  • route planning and timings
  • tropical storms; how to miss them
  • living aboard - at sea and in harbour
  • paperwork required for vessel and crew
  • reef navigation for the Caribbean
  • gear to work harder for longer
  • heavy weather strategies
  • security and crime prevention
  • disaster management; planning for the worst
  • tables of costs

Published by Alard Coles Nautical, the ISBN is 978-0713659986 and our rating for this book is

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