The Ashley Book of Knots

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The classic and complete book of knots first published in 1944 and still one of the best books on knots you'll find anywhere. If you don't have this book, you are lacking in your library. So many new knots to learn, you'll never go thru them all.

Written by Clifford W. Ashley

The Ashley Book of Knots The Ashley Book of Knots takes us back to a time when knots saved lives and put dinner on the table. Whether out at sea or in a pioneer cabin, knots were a part of daily life, one that is nearly lost today. But in this attractive, well-organized archive of more than 3,900 different knots--presented through 7,000 illustrations--the art of knot tying lives on, both as a historical reference and a reservoir of handy knowledge.

Published by Doubleday Publishing, the ISBN is 978-0385040253 and our rating for this book is

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