World Cruising Destinations

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Part of my core books to study and learn from in preparing for big passages and a possible circumnavigation in few years. This book contains decades worth of experience from a guy who's sailed all over the world and documented what he did, when he went, weather to expect, etc. A fantastic tool for anyone planning a circumnavigation or simply to take some big passages. A very worthwhile reference book to have around.

Written by Jimmy Cornell

World Cruising Destinations World Cruising Destinations is the only nautical tourist guide to the world, the ultimate aid for planning an ocean voyage or a charter vacation. Covering the globe from the tropics to high latitudes, this guide gives essential details of climate, ports, facilities, highlights, and travel formalities (visas, entrance requirements, etc.) of destinations in 184 countries. If you are ready to cast off the docklines tomorrow or just want to do your voyaging from the comfort of your armchair, it's a wonderful guidebook to your next dream vacation.

Published by Adlard Coles Nautical, the ISBN is 978-0071638241 and our rating for this book is

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