Your First Atlantic Crossing

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As I plan to do the ARC this fall, naturally this book is proving to be a valuable source of information for me in my planning. Sailing across the Atlantic is serious and this book begins to outline some of the issues you need to consider before and during the crosssing. As skipper, I need to be ready to handle thinking about food, water, fuel, communications, emergencies, crew compatibility, weather, etc. Trying to keep everyone happy and safe is a big job and takes a lot of planning to turn out right. Books like this will help me prepare properly for this adventure.

Written by Les Weatheritt

Your First Atlantic Crossing An experienced cruiser's insights into the social and nautical realities of fitting out, the comfort that detailed planning brings, the frequency of impulsive decisions, life with a crew, the challenges of unexpected gales and calms, and the life-or-death decision to keep a watch. Lots of concrete advice on everything from process to ports of call. Crossing begins in the U.K. and includes tips on cruising the Caribbean.

Published by Adlard Coles Publishing, the ISBN is 978-0-7136-8949-5 and our rating for this book is

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