All our Bags are Packed, We're Ready to Go

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Room for a couple more bags Well, tomorrow is the beginning of our three month journey around the world. We've spent months planning and packing and have just a couple bags to toss in tomorrow morning and we'll be full. Despite the size of the PC-12, when we have a full load of fuel onboard, we will be flying the airplane at its gross weight (the heaviest the airplane is allowed to fly at).

As usual with our travels, there's always something that breaks at the last minute around the ranch and I have to spend time to repair it. This time it was the pool chlorinator. Our landscape crew inadvertently cut a wire powering it sometime in the past week and I just noticed it wasn't working this morning. Good thing I can fix things like this or I'm not sure how we would have gotten a repair company out on such short notice. At any rate, it's fixed now and (cross our fingers!) all else seems OK.

Tracy has been cleaning like a fiend as we both love to come home to a clean house. She'll put some sandwiches together for us to eat on the flight as we hate to buy airport catered food and would rather have something we both enjoy on flights like this. Some cold drinks and chips and we're good to go!

Our flight tomorrow will be from Florida to New York where we will take short break then push on for Quebec, Canada. We could fly directly to Quebec but I decided to break it up a bit. The weather is looking great so, aside from some heavy headwinds as we get further north, it should be a nice flight.

Hopefully, we'll meet up with Thierry Pouille and his daughter Anais for dinner tomorrow night. Our neighbor friends, Bill & Jill, set us off with a nice bottle of champagne so we'll be ready to enjoy that at the hotel tomorrow night.

For now it's off to bed as we're completely wiped out and need to recharge our 'batteries' for the trip.

See ya in Quebec!

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