Jeppesen Charts Arrive

By Art on (with 0 comments)

Piles of Jepp Charts! Well, less than three weeks to go before departure and one of the issues left to decide is 'paper versus plastic'. No really, it's paper charts versus electronic charts. Thierry and JP received the full complement of worldwide charts from Jeppesen today and it filled an entire table top. Their estimation is that is would take 24 standard Jeppesen binders to hold all the goodies (that's a ton of binders to bring along in an airplane!).

What they will do is go through all the charts and pick out only the areas we will be flying through (along with alternatives of course). The rest is not needed and will take up space and weight that can be used for other things. Each airplane will have to carry the enroute lo and hi altitude charts for the entire world but that should take up only 2-3 binders. The approach plates will be printed out and bound into a book for each aircraft along with the navigation logs. A concise book of just the information we need for each airport we plan to visit will be wonderful.

Since we have the largest cargo area of all the airplanes going on this trip, we've agreed to carry the paper charts in our cargo area as 'the ultimate backup' for the entire group; just in case. If electronic solutions go haywire, we will be able to provide paper charts to copy for the rest of the group. It's a good thing we're flying a PC-12!

Lots of work for Thierry and JP and much appreciated by the rest of us! Way to go guys!

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