2012 Total Statistics

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Distance (nm)
Average (kts)

This map shows the all the passages taken during 2012. We started the year in the Caribbean having made the passage from Europe with the ARC. After Christmas at home, we returned the boat in St. Martin to begin our winter sailing season. It was wonderful to sailing in wonderful weather for months traveling between islands and enjoying the differences between each one. The food, the culture was as wonderful as were the people.

Around May 1st, we departed Antigua for the return across the Atlantic to Horta in the Azores. After 15 days we arrived, rested then pushed on for the Mediterranean. Over the course of the year we had many guests and realized we needed to get a larger boat to accommodate our family and friends who wished to share sailing with us. So, in September we sold the HR-54 and began the search for the next boat.

Passage Position

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