Cadiz, Spain to Sotogrande, Spain

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As nice as Cadiz is, we wanted to complete this journey and our final stop is Sotogrande located around the corner from Gibraltar and into the Mediterranean. Another nice day in Spain with good wind so we were able to sail for about half of the passage. The winds died down a bit rounding Gibraltar and I had a call from my friend I sailed with a year ago. We reminisced about our adventure last year and my new one. It was wonderful to hear from him.

As Sotogrande was in sight now, 10 nm up the coast, we decided to put out the gennaker and enjoy the last hour of sailing with it up. It was glorious with the yacht rushing through the water! Then, a 30kt gust came up and almost broached us!! This brought us back to reality when you realize how powerful the wind is and how it can take our 'little' 30 ton yacht and almost tip it over.

With the winds now clocking a steady 25 kts we pulled in the gennaker, put up the staysail and reefed the main a bit for the rest of the way into the marina. Stern-to docking again only with high winds this time. It was a challenge and I was tiring fast but Sean guided me in and he tied us off with the help of some guys on the dock. Off to dinner at 23:00 then dropping into bed. What an amazing adventure so far with more to come...

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