Circumnavigation 2014-2017

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In early December of 2014 we began our circumnavigation of the world starting from Palma de Mallorca, Spain crossing the Atlantic to the Caribbean. A lengthy passage in its own right however something we've done previously a number of times. This time was different as we spent just a month in Antigua before we departed for Bonaire in the Netherland Antilles and on to the Panama Canal stopping off in Santa Marta, Columbia for a few days.

Once through the Panama Canal we made the passage onto the Galapagos Islands to spend a number of weeks exploring this fascinating archipelago before doing the beautiful passage from there into the islands of French Polynesia. Beginning the Marquesas, we visiting the archipelago of Tuamotu before arriving in Tahiti.

After we arrived in Papeete, Tahiti we took a nice break for a month to let everyone rest and visit family before we began the next phase of our circumnavigation across the rest of the Pacific. First we spent more time in the Society Islands in French Polynesia before we did the long passage from Bora-Bora to the small island country of Nuie and finally on to The Kingdom of Tonga. We really enjoyed the two months spent in Tonga and the diving was outstanding as was meeting up with all our Pacific sailing friends. Lots of good times before we made the passage down to Opua, New Zealand in early November.

When the Pacific cyclone season ended in May of 2016 we headed to Fiji and enjoyed 4 months of exploring all the wonderful people and places in that incredible country. THen off to Vanuatu for a few weeks, then New Caledonia for another few weeks and finally on to Brisbane, Australia where we waited out the next Pacific cyclone season before leaving to spend significant time in both of these lovely countries that we had only a few weeks to explore previously.

This time we spent 2.5 months in New Caledonia following by 2 months in Vanuatu before doing the passage back to Auckland where we are now to do major (five year) items in our refit including sails, new canvas, new interior cushions as well as overhaul of all our pumps, motors, engine, generator and watermakers (whew!).

What an amazing adventure so far!

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