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Circumnavigation 2014-2019

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This map represents our entire voyage around the world starting in December of 2014 and ending up back in the Mediterranean at the end of May 2019. The statistics show we traveled almost 35,000 nm and you can see by the path on the map that we zigged around quite a bit particularly in the Pacific (what an amazing place!).

Lots of other sailors ask me what was my favorite place that we visited and that is way too hard to say however, I can say that if I could choose where to start and where to end (i.e. using a Star Trek transporter to put the yacht and all of us in one location, let us sail to the next location and transport us back to the Mediterranean)... I would say drop us off in Nuka Hiva, Marquesas (French Polynesia) and we'd sail all the way across the Pacific to New Caledonia for pickup.

The passage across the entire Pacific Ocean (skip the Galapagos though...) was the best sailing I've ever had. Life on all the many islands you encounter along the way is peaceful and the people are kind and welcoming.

Lots of other people ask me where I would go if I wanted to forget the craziness in this world. I do have only 1-2 places in my mind and when I think of them, it brings a huge smile to my face. I won't tell you where they are as they are special only to me but when you do a circumnavigation of your own one day, I'm sure you'll find 1-2 of your own.

This was the most amazing adventure of our life and Tracy and I are so grateful we had the time, health and ability to do this and share it with so many people. We will always remember the many different crew we had onboard over the years but only one man was with us the entire time, our Captain Andrea... thank you my friend for everything you did for us and for keeping us and Feelin' Good safe no matter where we were in the world.

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  • comment from Andrea Lezzi Andrea Lezzi on April 27, 2020

    Feelin’good was born to do it and she did it.... she bring all of us safe and with a smile on our face all around the world.... We always treated her with love and attention (same way you treat a woman, that’s why I always say that the boat is a woman....) and she give back to us the best experience of our life.... Many many miles still to do Feelin’good..... be safe and sail fast.... I love you