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After 45 days of repairs and minor refit work we are ready to depart from Genova for Barcelona on our way across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. We have a new crew onboard and will use this first passage to shake down them as well as the boat. Tracy has taken on the role of feeding all these hungry guys all the way to Grenada.

While this might be the first time Tracy has done such a job onboard a boat she has been amazing at taking on the challenge with cooking, freezing and preparing meals for the past number of weeks. Along the way she has 'tested' some recipes with the crew and they must like it as nothing is left at the end of the meal! Fantastic job and one of the most important activities on the boat.

While we're ready to go, the famous Gulf of Lion is living up to its reputation as a nasty place to be in the fall and winter months. The winds are roaring and the sea state is not very pleasant. We're heading out tomorrow to see how far we can get. Hopefully, we will be able to cross the Gulf over the next 48 hours and be on the way to the Straits of Gibraltar. If the weather proves too much, we'll hole up somewhere for a while and wait it out.

So, we're on for the next adventure and will be posting updates to this along the way. If you want to follow along in real time, be sure to check out our Location page as our position is automatically updated every four hours.

We're all looking forward to some warmer weather!

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by Art, Barcelona, Spain

We are still here in Puerto Olimico waiting on a new crew member to arrive before beginning our next passage to the Palma de Majorca. The weather is much better and we've had a nice time in the Barcelona area especially visiting the second biggest Apple store in Europe (after the one in London) as well as doing some resupply at `Corte Englese', probably one of the finest stores in the world. We hope to leave in the next day or so. Ciao!

by Art, Barcelona, Spain

After a rough night and dealing with 45 kts of wind, big seas and heavy lightning and squalls we arrived in Puerto Olimico in Spain to rest and recover for a few days. We have a few things to fix as the starboard throttle control took a lot of water over it and stopped working during the passage and the new belts put on the engine for the alternator stretched a bit and now were squealing. A number of other little issues needed attention as well. Most important was rest for the crew.

by Art, Leaving Genoa

We left Genoa around 06:00 this morning and started in fairly nice conditions with a low sea state and 15 knots of wind. Fifteen hours later we are at the beginning of the Gulf of Lion ready to cross overnight. The high seas forecast is calling for force 7-8 and rough to very rough conditions so we expect an 'interesting' night ahead of us. The winds have been building most of the day and we've been dealing with 25-30 knots and 2.5 meter seas so I hope it won't get too much worse but the boat seems to handle it all very well. We've started our watch system and everyone is getting into the routine of a passage. Tracy was able to put together a nice Sunday roast chicken dinner with potatoes, veggies, etc for lunch as well as a nice pasta diner for us tonight. I think on this passage I might gain some weight! Check back tomorrow to see how the Gulf of Lion treats us.

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