La Coruna, Spain to Finisterre, Spain

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Sean had gone home to Sotogrande for four days to see his family. He had been with us since early July and was way overdue for a visit home. Tracy and I spent the week enjoying all that La Coruna had to offer and that was a lot! It's a very historical town as well as beautiful. We really enjoyed the back alley seafood restaurants and tried 'Elephant Toe Barnacles' for the first time.

From here, we wanted to take some time to enjoy the various Rias that are along the Spanish Atlantic coastline. Our first stop was the Finisterre area. It was a short passage so we arrived in the afternoon and spent some time sailing and motoring around to see the sights. Finally we found a nice anchorage off Ensenada del Sardinero beach for the night. It was a wonderful view of the forests and beaches.

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