Langkawi to Phuket, Thailand

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After a good long rest in Langkawi, the crew is positioning Feelin' Good in Phuket, Thailand. Our plans have been adjusted a bit as we've looked hard at sailing through the Suez Canal back to the Mediterranean but the presence of pirate activity coupled with the refusal of any insurance company to cover us while in the 'High Risk Area' convinced us the better decision is to transport Feelin' Good to the Mediterranean on a transport ship like everyone does.

Andrea's plan is to take a few days to make the relatively short passage so as to make certain he has daylight for when the yacht is moving. There are so many unmarked fishing nets, fishing boats and other traffic out there as to make it very dangerous to travel at night.

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by Art, Arrived in Phuket!

How exciting to be sitting off Phuket after a really nice passage! Tracy and I have been there a number of times and so we can live vicariously through the crew. It's a great town, lots of fun to be had and fantastic food too! Enjoy everyone!!

by Art, Straight to Phuket

After a nice long rest overnight, they're off early this morning looking like they'll arrive in Phuket before 15:00 their time. The winds appear to be very light (<6 kts) so I assume they are motor sailing and pushing it a bit (SOG is 8.8 kts) to be sure they'll arrive in daylight. It's an area of sea you want to cross in good conditions as there are lots of fishing boats and fishing nets along with freighters and oil tankers all heading the same way. Phuket is a major port for Thailand and, after the peace of a nice anchorage, it'll seem pretty wild and wooly for them upon arrival!

by Art

After a nice rest overnight they’re off again in light winds from the east. With the main sail safely stored below (for the upcoming transport to the Med), they only have the foresails to use for this passage. In the current winds of about 14 kts and a ground speed of about 6-7 kts it would appear they are using the genoa. It looks like a beautiful day for a leisurely sail!

by Art, Just west of Langkawi

The crew was off early today after clearing out of Malaysia on the way to Phuket. Not much wind so the motor is taking the first 'watch' which is OK because Tracy and I are not onboard to help during this passage so it's just Andrea, Daniele and Elke handling everything. Have a great passage!

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  • comment from Alberto Alberto on February 15, 2019

    Fair winds FG! buon San Valentino! ❤️⛵️❤️