Panama Canal Transit 2015

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This is the day we begin our transit of the Panama Canal from Colon to Panama City. We'll pass thru the Gatun Locks later this afternoon and anchor in Gatun Lake for the night. Tomorrow morning, we take on our pilot/adviser and begin the transit the rest of the way across Panama. It should take us about 10-12 hours as not only do we have about 45 nm to go but we also have to pass through two more locks, the Pedro Miguel Lock and Miraflores Lock. By the time we complete our crossing of the Isthmus of Panama, we'll be counted as one of over a million ships to have done so over the past 100 years.

You can take a look at really good overview map of the entire Panama Canal to get a better idea of what we are doing today.

Our Canal Transit Schedule (GMT-5)

Event Time/Date
Pilot boarding time 1650/17th
Arriving Gatun locks 1820/17th
Clearing Gatun locks 1940/17th
Anchoring Gatun lake 2005/17th
Resuming transit 0700/18th
Completing transit 1511/18th

Passage Position

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