Sailing With Dunai 2012

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We've been waiting for an opportunity to spend some time with Dunai and her husband, Anders as we missed out on attending their wedding last year and have been looking forward to meeting Anders for the first time. They were both able to take some time off and fly themselves down to the BVI's to spend almost a week with us.

It was terrific to see them both enjoy some downtime on FG relaxing in the warm Caribbean sun and water. Both Anders and Dunai enjoyed learning a bit about sailing from Sean and got to take the helm a number of times to feel the power of this big sailboat. It's so peaceful to glide along under sail with the water rushing past the hull.

We all particularly enjoyed visiting quiet anchorages as well as some of the more well known spots like Pusser's Resort and Bitter End Yacht Club. We also got to visit Soper's Hole where we had a nice meal and anchored close to Hemisphere, the world's largest catamaran. So far this winter season, we've seen the biggest of everything starting with the biggest motor yacht (Eclipse), the biggest single-masted sailing yacht (Mirabella V) and now the biggest catamaran. There certainly is a world of bigness over here!

On our last day with Dunai and Anders we anchored in Trellis Bay, close the airport so they would be positioned for an early morning departure the next day. All went well and they were off on their way back to Florida. What a great time together!!

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