Back to Normal

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Looking back over the past month and a half, since we left Palma de Mallorca, our life has been filled with departure delays, weather delays, an injury, separation of crew over the holidays and then maintenance delays once Feelin' Good arrived in Antigua.

So imagine the state of mind on-board tonight as we are finally away from the marina and softly tugging at our anchor here in Carlisle Bay. We arrived about 16:00 and put the anchor out in about 6 meters of water with a humungous 138 meter motor yacht next to us. Thankfully they pulled up their anchor and motored off leaving us to enjoy a most splendid sunset in solitude.

Antiguan sunset at anchor, ahhhhh! The temperate Caribbean breeze blowing at 6-8 knots with all our hatches open will guarantee a wonderful sleep tonight for all of us. Sleeping in the marina for the past few weeks has been fitful at best with no wind, hot and sticky evenings with the constant sound of music from other yachts, rowdy crew from other yachts on the dock at 4:00 in the morning, etc. This is not yachting…

Finally, we tossed the ropes this afternoon and left the marina. Feelin’ Good is again where she was meant to be. In a beautiful anchorage in crystal clear water with a field of stars above and the warm waters of the Caribbean softly caressing her hull.

The mood on-board has magically changed. There is laughter and singing from the galley, wonderful smells hinting at a dinner later tonight with local vongole (clams) and gamberi (shrimps) most likely accompanied with a nice pasta and a appropriate wine.

Tracy and I watch the sunset over Montserrat marveling at the colors in the clouds and sea before the sun slips below the horizon.

We are back to normal… we are home… we are really feelin’ good tonight.

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  • comment from Art Art on January 22, 2015

    Grazie Il Mozzo, we are finally doing what we have wanted to do for many months. Now we are anchored in this nice place and don't want to leave! We wish you, Cristina e Timo could drop in for a swim and dinner!

  • comment from Il Mozzo Il Mozzo on January 22, 2015

    we enjoyed a lot this article!