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Closing a Chapter in our Life

By Art on (with 0 comments)

A lot of people have followed our journey with Feelin’ Good over the years and, while many have lived vicariously with us in all the strange and wonderful locations we’ve visited, there was one man in particular who did so with such enthusiasm that, when we arrived back in the Mediterranean, asked me to let him know if we ever decided to sell Feelin’ Good.

The word ‘karma’ is used a lot in various conversations but in this case it applies perfectly. We were ready to change our life, turn the page in the chapter of being ‘Bohemians’ and begin our transition back to a life on land. Until you walk in our shoes (actually more like bare feet and flip-flops) you will never understand the price paid to enjoy a life like we have. It’s not all roses but demands a huge amount of work to pull off well.

So, finding someone who shares our passion for sailing, adventure and who recognized what a special yacht Feelin’ Good helped to cement the possibility of us leaving our life on Feelin’ Good behind and passing the helm to someone else.

In July of 2019 we watched as the new owner and his family threw the ropes back to us on the dock in Palma de Mallorca and sailed off to begin their new own adventures. Our wonderful team decided to stay with Feelin’ Good and continue their own adventures as crew for the new owners.

This poem is a paraphrase of Henry Van Dyke's "A Parable of Immortality" and perfectly sums up how our beloved Feelin' Good has changed ownership this week.

Obviously, there has been a lot of emotion for us over this decision but, the decision to build Feelin’ Good and dedicate almost six years to sail her around the world was also emotional and; it turned out to be one of the best things we’ve ever done in our life. We feel we’ve made the right choice for us now but certainly we don’t exclude the possibility of going back to the sea that we love someday.

Thanks so much for following along and sharing this journey with us. It’s been so wonderful to know how many of you out there have enjoyed this adventure as much as we have.

Fair winds and following seas…

– Art & Tracy

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