Feelin' Good in Grenada

By Tracy on (with 0 comments)

The BBQ will get a workout this winter Any and all questions regarding FG's blue water capabilities have now vanished beneath 12,000 miles of open ocean sailing. Not bad for a yacht launched a mere six months ago. It's been a fantastic experience being on board for these passages, watching the crew passionately tune, trim, adjust and refine, seeing them compete with each other to squeeze out more speed...and then get it. She's full of surprises this one, but now it's down to business- the business of just having fun that is!

So now that we've arrived in the Caribbean, and our first guest of the season is on board, we've been testing a number of vital systems such as the BBQ and the bar, the gourmet capabilities of the galley (no more passage food) the water toys and the SCUBA gear, all working well :--) The tender is performing well too, we had some doubts in Genova, but actually, she's proving to be a work horse.

A stand out feature that everyone is commenting on is the guest cockpit and dining area- fabulous. We had New Year's Eve dinner Al Fresco with a spectacular view of the local fireworks display as our "first time out", needless to say, our evening dinners are now something everyone on board looks forward to. We're currently enjoying the Island of Grenada, we plan to progress up through the Grenadines and Tobago Cay, then make our way north, so more to come; we're feelin' good!

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