Grilled Caribbean Lobster

By Art on (with 0 comments)

Yum, lobster just off the grill So after a 24 hour re-provisioning stop in Road Town, BVI (along with a really nice job placing the yacht on the dock by Andy) we're off to another island in the BVI's, Jost van Dyke. Tonight we anchored close to the breakwaters over a reef that is hit from the swells from a northerly wind. We are in the protected cove but can hear the waves as they break over the reef just a short ways off. The sail over from Road Town was about 3 hours and while we were in a beam or broad reach from the most part, the last hour or so was against the northern swells and wind. We had wanted to see a little more 'action' as we've just been doing easy day sails up and down Sir Francis Drake Passage since we arrived in the BVI's a number of days back.

The big Oyster handled it easily and at no time did I feel any weather helm. The steering was without effort and it took the swells like it was nothing. Tonight we'll get back to Elli's wonderful cooking after the past few nights of restaurant food. Last night we had Caribbean lobster on the grill for the first time in many years and it was really good. There's a lot we miss about being around the Caribbean and it's nice to renew ourselves with this beautiful part of the world.

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