Hr Support for Arc 2011

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Hallberg-Rassy ARC Support Team Another great reason to buy a Hallberg-Rassy is they have sent along a support team to Las Palmas every year since 2001 free of charge to owners to check over their yachts before the ARC crossing. They spent a week this year with 14 Hallberg-Rassy's to look over. Since Feelin' Good is new, there were some minor warranty issues to fix otherwise she was in perfect shape.

The rigging and steering systems were their main focus as historically they are the places owners neglect and can be a serious failure point in such a long passage. Every year there are some yachts that are surprised to find their gear needs attention and this year was no different.

Both Rikard and Bertil from the shipyard in Sweden, are experts at finding and fixing problems on these yachts. As you can imagine, the same degree of quality you get in a new Hallberg-Rassy is applied in correcting any issues they find.

I know the crew of Feelin' Good really appreciated the support we got from them and the team back in Ellos. The party they put on for all the Hallberg-Rassy crew was fantastic as well. Thanks everyone!

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