Marina Ft. Louis

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Marina Ft. Louis, Marigot, St. Martin Our charter yacht was waiting for us in this beautiful marina located near the center of the capital city of St. Martin, Marigot. The marina choices in the area include any number of ones located in nearby Simpson Bay however access is more restricted as you can only go in or out of the lagoon at certain times of the day. Marina Ft. Louis proved to be a great location for a number of reasons.

First of all, this marina was very well protected from swells and had on-site customs so you could clear in or out of St. Martin with ease. It also had a fuel dock and mini-chandlery. WiFi was available for a fee but we had spotty service while were there and preferred to go down the street to a nice coffee shop, La Pyramide, to enjoy cappuccino and free WiFi. We also found a large number of restaurants and stores nearby to provision the yacht along with very nice wine stores carrying a good selection from Europe as well as the USA and South America.

I was impressed with the staff in the marina office who were friendly and expedited checking us in and out. Likewise, the dock crew were very helpful with our lines to the mooring buoy (stern-to docking for us) as well as on the dock. The docking crew tied us to the mooring buoy with a bowline on each end of the rope rather than just passing the rope through the ring. This was a nice touch as then our rope wouldn't chaff against whatever 'crud' was on the ring. Nice place, professional people!

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