New Beginnings

By Tracy on (with 0 comments)

After a tremulous departure from Genoa: a stubborn bow-thruster, an untested crew, and truly ugly weather, we found ourselves regrouping in Barcelona. Despite difficulties, we'd successfully traversed an angry Gulf of Lyon, but there is still much work ahead if we are to free ourselves from frigid grip of the Mediterranean in winter.

Crew changes have brought us a new skipper: Gianmario ('Giamma'), and a new deckhand: Carmen. We've re-positioned to Palma de Mallorca, where we're now undergoing repairs and maintenance before our next leg to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. Palma, the epicenter of sailing in this region, where anything and everything pertaining to yachting is available. We're moored in an industrial area, dwarfed by huge super yachts put up for winter storage; 'Highland Fling' is nearby, along with the J Yacht 'Ranger' and SWS 'All Smoke'; cocooned in white plastic tents, they're hibernating.

Giamma and Dan in the lazarette working It's not pretty here but everything we need is close at hand. A rig inspection revealed some worn gooseneck spacers in the boom assembly so off she came this morning; an expert from Southern Spars is overseeing the project. Giamma is busily going over his new charge bow to stern, opening every compartment, inspecting every system, and cross checking inventory lists. He's got Rich and Dan hopping but I think the guys are having the experience of a lifetime.

With all the challenges, trials and tribulations that come with a freshly launched yacht, one overriding theme permeates the environment on board: she's a damn fine ship. New beginnings, a fresh start, we hope to set off again by the end of the week or the weekend, things are looking up- we're still feelin' good!

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