No Phones? No Problem!

By Tracy on (with 0 comments)

Stealing away for a quiet moment has been pretty much impossible for Giamma these past weeks. I think he's looking forward to the departure more than any of us, and the first thing he wants to do once we leave shore is turn off his phone, "I would like to close it inside a box, stick it down in the hold and not look at it again."

Carmen is currently off on another shopping run, the provisioning is coming along really well, but there's always the last minute stuff. It's sad to think that she won't be with us, but with all of the wonderful food she's prepared for us, it will feel like she's on board, and of course she'll be in our hearts. Our life routine will soon change, once we depart Carmen will head back to Naples to spend Christmas with her family before joining us in Antigua.

As for Art and the rest of the guys, the constant work of intense preparation will begin to pay off once we're at sea. Currently the daily routine of working on equipment, inventorying supplies, organizing third party venders, and testing gear, is only interrupted by a basic lunch at the Doc Bar, a small cafeteria here at the marina; a quick "plate of the day" and then it's back on the job. The dream of being back at the helm, being out on the open ocean, the place every sailor wants to be, is still a week away, but the guys can smell the sea already, everyone is counting the days.

Yesterday we all enjoyed a terrific Sunday BBQ picnic and bonfire in the beautiful Mallorcan countryside at the lovely home of Sandra, thank you so much! So many friends of Feelin' Good came out to wish us all well- thank you to everyone!! What a great party!! The guys seem ok today, I don't think we're suffering from hangovers too badly, one more week to go- we are feeling good!

Bonfire, singing and dancing

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