Oh Yeah Baby, We're at Anchor Again!

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First anchorage of the 2017 season Finally, we are out of the Brisbane marina and 20 miles away at anchor for Easter Weekend at Moreton Island, we're anchored in front of Tangalooma Resort where we can go walk the beach, have a beer at the resort or just hang on the boat (which is our choice for this first night but the crew is on-shore!).

We've spent the day testing all the systems out to make sure everything is working perfectly. We also have a new 30hp Yamaha 2-stroke engine for the tender as the older 20hp Honda was not strong enough to get us onto the 'plane' with four people so 'natch I had to take 'er out for a ride and see what she can do. This one will get us on the plane with 5 people and dive gear and is very simple to fix too. We're excited to have new gear for this season!

Watermaker, engine, generator, sails, hydraulics all look good so far. Tomorrow is 'clean the hull day' as she has been sitting in the Brisbane river since October and we don't know what we have underneath only that she is 1kt slower on motor than normal so that tells us we need to clean.

On Sunday we'll take her out for more sailing trials to make sure the hydraulic furlers and winches are working well and the sails look OK after the work that has been done to them by Quantum here in Brisbane.

Then, on Monday, we're back to the marina in Brisbane so we can finish provisioning on Tuesday/Wednesday then (weather permitting) off to New Caledonia on Friday or Saturday. It will be about a 700nm passage so no big deal for us but a good passage for the start of our season.

For now though, it's so nice to feel the boat moving at anchor again with a nice breeze coming through all the hatches. All of us are happy that systems are working well and our hard work over the 'off-season' is paying off. We'll 'sleep like kings/queens' tonight, we've all missed this feeling.

Just a personal note about our amazing crew. We are so fortunate to have Andrea as captain, Tea as our chef and Francesco ('Ciccio') as our new first mate. It's so important to have 'good karma' onboard when you live so close... and now we have it again. They have all worked so hard to prepare FG for our next adventure. We are set up to have a a terrific season and all of us are excited to get started!

For now it's peaceful, quiet and all is right with our world. Hope you are all having a good day too!

We are definitely Feelin' Good again...

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  • comment from Suzanne And Michael Suzanne And Michael on April 16, 2017

    Safe and happy sailing. It sounds wonderful. Love to you both.

  • comment from The Chillos The Chillos on April 15, 2017

    Sounds wonderful....happy & safe sailing guys. :)

  • comment from Rudolf Berglehner Rudolf Berglehner on April 14, 2017

    enjoy the time on board and looking forward to see you soon in switzerland