Preparations for Circumnavigation

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Servicios Técnicos Portuarios

We’ve had Feelin’ Good at Servicios Técnicos Portuarios (STP) in Palma de Mallorca, España since the middle of August. For this yacht, that’s a long time to be not sailing. The reason is that we are preparing her to begin a multi-year circumnavigation around the world starting this fall.

Feelin’ Good was launched in June 2013 and began her journey to the Mediterranean in August. Since then she’s traveled about 18’000 nm and we’ve had time to learn about her systems and think about some small shortcomings and things we’d like to change or add. Palma is a fantastic place to get any kind of work done on a yacht and we’ve worked with dozens of companies here and abroad to help in our preparations.

We’re really happy that all the big systems and equipment onboard are perfect and, aside from normal maintenance, they will continue to perform flawlessly for us over the coming years. The only piece of additional equipment Giamma and I decided we really need to install was a second watermaker.

While we have a terrific HEM Watermaker unit that puts out 240 liters per hour, it depends on our generator running. If, for some reason, we lose the use of our generator, we would not be able to make water. The generator is also used to charge our batteries, but we can use the alternator on our IVECO engine for this. Our hydraulic system uses a PTO drive on the generator to provide huge reserves of hydraulic power for all our winches, etc. however we do have an electric powerpak to use as well that runs off our batteries.

But, while we have good backup for all the other uses for the generator, if it fails, we did not have a way to make water, which is a priority onboard for all sorts of reasons.

EchoTec modular watermaker Last winter, while in the Caribbean, we researched watermakers and decided to get a 24v watermaker from EchoTec Watermakers in Trinidad. We installed it over the summer while in Sardegna and have been really happy with it. It provides 120 liters per hour while running on our IVECO engine. Combined with our HEM unit, we can now produce 360 liters per hour together or use them independently. We asked EchoTec to provide us with spare parts we might need for servicing around the world so we are prepared.

As for the rest of the yacht... to prepare for our long journey around the world, we’ve literally taken everything off the yacht and examined/serviced/repaired every piece of mechanical equipment. The local service guys have been wonderful, knowing we are doing such a trip, they have taken extra care in doing their work and thoughtfully helped us configure our equipment for easier servicing in remote locations.

Giamma has worked closely with all of them to make sure we have the appropriate spare parts along as well. He’s paid close attention to everything they have done knowing, one day, he might be called upon to dig into a problem. Having watched these guys, it’ll be easier for him to diagnose and fix anything that comes up.

The team at Southern Wind Shipyard in Cape Town, South Africa and their Customer Service partner, Pegaso s.r.l in Genoa, have provided outstanding support for our warranty issues and great suggestions and ideas for our upcoming circumnavigation. We couldn’t be more pleased with their teams and support of our plans.

There are a large number of service providers we’ve worked with here in Palma de Mallorca and around the world that helped us prepare the yacht for our circumnavigation and I’ll try to spotlight some of them here. They are all wonderful to work with and did a fantastic job on Feelin’ Good for us.


  • Yacht Projects - Cristina Martinez, project management
  • OneSails - rigging and sail repair
  • Quantum Sails - sail repair
  • IBS Marine Electric - electrical work
  • Medical Support Offshore - offshore medical training
  • Isurus Dive Center - diving equipment
  • Tallamar Electronics - digital charts
  • Imtech Marine South Africa - satellite communications
  • Turtle-Pac Australia - Laszlo Torok, portable fuel bladders
  • Palma Composite - Sebastian Sitjar, composite and woodwork
  • Nautica GDR - Paddy Pigden,safety equipment
  • IVECO Engine - Andres Asensio, engine overhaul and repairs
  • RC Marine - generator, aqua-drive and propeller systems
  • Extreme Marine S.L. - Stefano Gatto, tender UV protection
  • VC Metalwork - stainless steel repairs and fishing rod holders
  • TecnOcean Balear S.L. - air conditioning and refrigeration
  • RSB Rigging - rigging inspection
  • Advanced Hydraulic Systems - overhaul and repair of our hydraulics
  • Servicios Nauticos Integrados - painting and anti-fouling
  • Marcella Perri - all the fabric work, dinghy covers, mosquito nets, etc.
  • Marine Design Services - Luis Blanes Delves, mirrors and plastic kitchen drawer inserts

So, be sure to come back and check for more articles on our circumnavigation. We plan to depart Palma de Mallorca about 02-Dec-2014 for the Canaries. From there, we head over to Antigua in the Caribbean via the traditional route passing just north of the Cape Verde Islands. If the trade winds are as helpful as last year, we could arrive in 12 days or so.

This would mean we would spend our second Christmas at Sea, a really special treat that Tracy, our chef for this passage, is already planning for! There isn't anything more important than great food for the passage so Tracy and Carmen (who is recovering from an operation and will join us in Antigua), are working hard to make sure the crew has fantastic things to eat!

Our next post will be when we begin our journey…

Feelin' Good being re-launched in Palma de Mallorca

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  • comment from Pascal Riera Pascal Riera on May 24, 2015

    HI Art! Echotec products are simple and have a very good reputation or reliability...perfect back up for your boat and program. Would you mind to send me some pics of the installation for my records... Enjoy, guys!

  • comment from Roland Roland on November 22, 2014

    Hi Art, Good choice of watermaker. Have had a 12V Echotec for 8 years. It is still producing even if the membrane is overdue for replacement.

    Have a safe sail!