Scrub Island Spa Afternoon

By Art on (with 0 comments)

Scrub Island Resort Every once in a while you need to take a break from 'camping out' on the yacht and partake of some land-based facilities. Lucky for us, we were anchored close to the new Scrub Island Resort. Finished in 2010, the facility is beautiful and has a number of restaurants, a full service spa, pools and of course a nice marina.

We went over to try out the spa and enjoyed an afternoon with a nice massage and some time in a vanishing-edge pool just for us. The spa overlooks the Cam Cay reef and the surf over the coral makes for a very pleasant experience coupled with puffy clouds and blue skies. We also enjoyed being able to have a luxurious long shower and a bottle of wine. Pure decadence however, after three weeks on the yacht, it was worth it!

Having a good anchorage outside their marina and using the dinghy for our visit worked out well and we have the choice of visiting them or the more laid-back Pussers Marina Cay which is nearby as well.

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