New Zealand 2018

By Tracy on (with 1 comment)

Ciao Amici! It’s been a L o n g season spent hiding out from Cyclones and undergoing our five-year refit service but, wow! New Zealand is truly amazing and fun and beautiful and delicious! We have very much enjoyed our time here but we are ready to move on and sail on! Hugs to all of our sailing friends! We are Feelin’ Good!!!

Run time is 00:05:19

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  • comment from Assunta Di Martino Assunta Di Martino on May 24, 2018

    Tracey it's soo lovely! I'm missing all these moments and people from far far away. Thank for producing such a masterpiece! Are you coming to Europe with the boat? I'd love to give a big kiss to you and Art! Hope to meet you again