Vanuatu Adventure 2017

By Tracy on (with 2 comments)

Vanuatu has been amazing. In the past two months we've experienced incredible beauty, remarkable culture, warm and friendly people, and all of it set in a fantastic landscape. We tried to capture as much as possible, and to compress it all into a video that, although only a brief sampling, will hopefully give you an idea of how wonderful this place isβ€” enjoy!

Run time is 00:09:51

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  • comment from Vickie Vickie on September 10, 2017

    Another fantastic video to enjoy! Thank you again for sharing your wonderful experiences. You appropriately named your boat and it reflects all your adventures!

  • comment from Alberto Alberto on September 9, 2017

    Like very much! I think that this video is one of the best you posted on your website. Your experience in Vanuatu has been fantastic, wonderful, rich of life and we appreciated everything. COME STAI !! Ahah bellissimo, what beautiful kids! Grazie for sharing. Alberto&Patrizia