Anchorage at Baie Hanamoenoa, Tahuata

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16 meters

The island of Tahauta lies about 85nm southeast of Nuku Hiva where we first made landfall in the Marquesas. However, after enjoying a week in Baie Taiohae, we headed down here for some sand beaches and snorkeling. Rated in most of the guidebooks as one of the three most beautiful anchorages in Polynesia, we have to agree. While the water in Baie Taiohae was dark, the water here is clear and you can easily see the sandy bottom in 16 meters where we anchored.

Beautiful anchorage and sand beaches As the winds come from the east (trade winds), anchoring on this west side of the island protects you from the swells and yet allows the nice breeze to keep you cool at night. The scenery is wonderful as the topography of the land is volcanic with rugged hills covered in palms and other tropical vegetation. The beaches are beautiful but with the land being privately owned, you need prior permission to land your dinghy there. Anchoring your tender off the beach and going for a nice swim is easily done. With the sun setting behind the stern of your boat and the sunlight casting a soft light on the bay you can truly agree this is an idyllic location to anchor for a while to enjoy some relaxed days and sundowner evenings.

In addition to great snorkeling and swimming, we did a five here as well and the plethora of tropical fish-life is amazing as the clarity of the water. If you're in the mood, there's plenty of other yacht so socialize with or just 'veg out' on the deck of your yacht and enjoy this fabulous anchorage!

Anchorage Position

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