Anchorage at Cala Perda Longa, Sardegna

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16 meters

On the southwestern side of Sardegna and we find another beautiful bay with turquoise clear water and the perfect temperature for swimming. Anchored in 16.4 meters we are moderately protected from the southeasterly winds gusting to 20 kts and very little swell.

Trees, rocks, water and just a few boats... perfect! With fewer boats here we have the place virtually to ourselves. There are a number of nice beaches around the bay and the hills are covered in scrubby green pine trees with boulders falling down to the sea. Truly a magical place to be! I took the tender over to a rocky cove and anchored in a few meters of water to go swimming. With no current, and a clear sandy bottom below me, it was like floating in space. With snorkeling gear, everything looked fantastic below with lots of fish, sea urchins and sea grass. The next morning the winds came up to 25 kts and the anchorage was still fine. Taking the tender into shore for swimming will get us away from the wind. All in all a very nice place!

Anchorage Position

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