Anchorage at Capo Carbonara, Sardegna

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7 meters

After an 18 hour crossing from Capo San Vito, Sicily we arrived at an incredible part of Sardegna. Located at the southeastern corner of this amazing island is a fabulous anchorage. We are in 7.7 meters of crystal clear and warm (26.5C) water without any swell. The area is known as Capo Carbonara and we are anchored in the bay of Porto Giunco.

This large bay is not over populated with boats and people despite it approaching the mid-point of August, a traditional busy season for Italians to vacation. We’ve been swimming off the back of the boat twice already today and I’m tempted to make it a third time! The water is the nicest we’ve experienced so far in the Med, perfectly clean and clear!

There are a few beach bars and areas on the beach with umbrellas for hire, etc. but, compared to other parts of Italy including our recent visit to Sicily, there is hardly anyone here. We are 40 km from the city of Cagliari and a major airport.

Yes, that really is the color of the water! The bottom is all sand and fairly uniform in depth with room for hundreds of boats yet there are only a small handful here with us. The water is so clear you can see all the ripples in the sand as well as the anchor chain lying on the bottom. The snorkeling was fantastic too with lots of fish, rocks and sea grass. If you are into the ‘gotta have a beach’ thing, no worries as there are plenty around however we haven’t gone to shore as life onboard is too good! Being on the southeastern corner of the island, we are protected from any Mistraele winds that might come up and are only exposed to winds and swell from the south-southeast (not very likely in the summer months).

Put this location on your list, it will certainly be on ours to return to as soon as we can! Fantastic Sardegna!

Anchorage Position

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