Anchorage at Cayo Holandes, San Blas

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17 meters

We've been to a few islands now in the San Blas archipelago and each one is unique. Cayo Holandes stands out as a special one however as there are multiple bays to anchor in and we've spent a number of days here checking out the swimming and snorkeling.

The reef structure is in pretty good shape and the number of fish and other creatures indicate a healthy environment for critters too. It seems each island, no matter how small, has at least one person living on it. Sometimes they come visit the yacht in a dugout canoe offering fish or lobster to sell but mostly they keep to themselves just waving as we snorkel by.

This anchorage has a wonderful sand bottom and you can set the anchor in just about any depth you like. Holding is good and you are protected behind the islands from the swell yet still get to enjoy the breeze. The only reason to leave is the lure of yet another special place you might otherwise miss!

Nce place to set anchor...

Note: The lead-in photo is of a nice bracelet made for Carmen by a local Kuna woman.

Anchorage Position

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